Studying Nursing or Midwifery? If so, become an Associate Member of the NSW Nurses’ & Midwives Association. It’s free!

Associate Membership of the NSWNMA gives you...

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  • The Lamp. As an Associate Member, each month you will receive a copy of the Association’s journal. This will ensure you keep up with state, national and international nursing information and issues.
  • Cavell Trust Scholarships. Every year thousands of dollars are awarded to Associate Members to assist them with their undergraduate studies.
  • Access to NSWNMA’s Professional Services Team who can advise and give you guidance on professional issues and matters relating to your studies.
  • Library services. Associate Members are able to access an extensive and diverse range of books, journals, DVDs, CD ROMs.
  • Discounted rates to attend NSWNMA seminars, conferences and workshops and Union Shopper (discount buying service).
  • The opportunity to network with other students across NSW.
  • The opportunity to see how the NSWNMA, your union, works. Associate Members are welcome to attend our official meetings such as the NSWNMA Committee of Delegates and Annual Conference as observers. 

When you commence paid work as a nurse or midwife, including as an assistant in nursing, or if you are already working as a nurse or midwife, you will need to join the NSWNMA as a full member. Full membership is important as it gives you access to the full range the Association’s legal, professional and industrial services.

Checkout our website and social media channels where you can communicate with other Members and Associate Members about professional and union issues.

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PRIVACY STATEMENT: The NSW Nurses’ & Midwives Association operates in accordance with the National Privacy Principles (available at of the Privacy Act 1988. Information provided by Associate Members in this form will be handled and used in accordance with those Principles. Members have the right to request access to/correct any personal information concerning you held by the Association.
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If you're a nurse or midwife in NSW, then this is your union.
Nurses and midwives must have a strong, active & relevant union to ensure ongoing improvements in their working lives.

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